Down with burning throats


Haven’t been falling sick for so frequent every since I started moving out from home to study. It’s either I’m not taking good care of myself enough or my body just miss home so much.. 

Ppl that are sick too… get well soon. :)

I am back!

ImageHello summer ! Me, the sunflowster (i dont know what exactly I am .. i guess I should be called that way). Anyways.. Here I am with my new short hair and tanned face :D

Let’s hope that I’ll be around for awhile.

*1000 Photos counting up


After my hectic semester 1, I went up to the mountain where my good friend, Jaqueline stays, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It’s her last semester here and she wanted to record some memories on film. So we went around the university and snap photos!


That’s me. Feels so korean drama right?
Taken by Jaq haha!


I just love red leaves ~


Jaq and I ! She’s now doing exchange in the Netherlands. I miss you !!!


Film, Kodak EliteChrome Color Slides. The colors on film looks awesome under the sunlight but not after scanned to the computer ..


to my secret friend,

thank you for giving me what i have now for the past 21 years! no matter ups or downs, i believe that it is a challenge and lesson for me to face and learn. truly appreciate it.

today, i’m one year older.
after living in hong kong for 1.5 years, my stay here has been eyes opening
and fruitful.

Today i’m 22.
I learned that i’m not that good after all.
i learned that i have to be humble, open up my eyes and ears more.
i have become more quiet now.
i learned that when someone;s “holding the mic”, don’t try to out loud him or her
i learned that when my friend gossip about others, i do not input my opinion, because i do not like gossiping (but sometimes when someone frustrate me too much i need to gossip about him/her to release my anger, sorry), although it does pull apart from the group, but i also learned another thing, is to be alone.
i learned that it is not necessary to be hero all the time or try to be hero,
supporting characters are important too!
i learned that not to be the best but do my best
i learned that my parents are getting old and having some health problems,
im not a kid anymore
i learned that family are the best because they are always there no matter what
i learned to relax and make design that i feel like it
i learned to appreciate nature more
i learned to appreciate how dot, line and shape form a visual design in daily life
i learned to appreciate the beautiful view in HK when sun shines through
the polluted air
i learned to love myself more when i need
i learned to treat birthday as a normal day and appreciate everyday i live
i will try to be there for friends that neglected me
i will appreciate time with my classmates more because they are my family in HK!
i’m 22, I need to start thinking about my future path in life and design
on my 22nd, i wish that the world will be a better place, without profit, selfishness, business, consumption and etc. I still want a 23rd birthday :)

3rd jan 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

photo taken by my classmate, Nick at Lion Rock mountain, HK

*1000 Photos counting up

49 going on a trip to Tap Mun on a beautiful day

50 being greeted by a friendly dog at the harbour

51 with beautiful sunlight on the ferry

52 and one of my favorite color, tuqoise

53 plus a bunch of good friends

54 passing by Gou Lau Wan 高流灣


56 Tap Mun 香港的天涯海角


58 picnic time!

10 mins later….

59 Still taking photos … when can i start eating !!!
This is what designers do, they snap photos of the food instead of eating them… ;)
(this was taken with my canon550D… ran out of film)

60 Here. I took one photo before we dig in !


62 Tap Mun is a small island with very unique small houses


64 and interesting typography. It says public toilet.

65 comic sans oh-my-god..


67 ops.. finger says hi!

68 We didn’t stay for very long because we had to catch the last ferry at 4.40pm… Its a nice place we wish we could have stayed longer

Photos taken with Ricoh FF*70, film Ektar 100 color.

*1000 Photos counting up

43.  The Hong Kong Chinese University Stadium. University Women’s soccer tournament.

44. What’s your goal of life


46. Number 1


48. The team.


I’m loving the color of this film Ektar100. such awesome colors!

Photos taken with Ricoh FF*70, color film Kodak Ektar100.

*1000 Photos counting up

39. at the tracks

40. and the field with the girls soccer team

41. when I look out of the window from my room

42. had an extraordinary experience in visiting one local coffee shop in the neighborhood at 3am in the morning to do an interview with the baker about the process of making the famous Hong Kong local food, pineapple bun 菠蘿包 for my illustration project. should have turned on the flash light … but I sort of like the result of it, looks kinds mysterious ;)


Photos taken with Olympus Supertrip, ILFORD XP2 Super 400 Black & White film. This is my first experimentation with black & white film and digital film camera.