The Herdsman’s Camp

The Herdsman's Camp

My visit to many herdsman’s camp during my 2 weeks trip at North Xinjiang, was very memorable and eye-opening.

The herdsman move to the mountains with their lambs and cows to avoid the hot summer. Their camps are mobile and very simple. Seeing at how they are living so happily with their minimal need as compared to us, the city dwellers, never be satisfied with what we have and take for granted, I am learning to appreciate things more.

I was shy to keep snapping photos at their home when I was visiting, so I tried my best to remember every single details and draw them out so I would not forget!


The loop

The loop

One day, I saw 2 people from Jolly Shandy giving out free drinks at the bridge while on my way back to hall from school. I happily took the free drink. At the next moment, at the end of the bridge, there was this old lady collecting Jolly Shandy cans and cleaning up the overflowing drinks on the floor. Apparently, some people choose not to finish their drink and threw it into the dustbin with the drinks in the can… It’s easy to dispose thing u don’t want but who is cleaning up your shit behind. By the way, sometimes, giving out things for free is also another irresponsible way of big companies to get rid of things they don’t want. I drank it anyway… (Hope that its not poisonous) So who is cleaning up who’s shit? Think about it yourself.




Last night was quite a traumatizing night when I sent my friend to an emergency ward.(Thank goodness that he is fine and recovering) The ward was busy with lots of old patients. 3 hours spent there made me realized that life is so fragile and short. Love your parents while they are still here.


The Gentle Side of My Dad

The Gentle Side of My Dad

When I was skyping with my mom today, she told me that my dad printed the photograph I took of father and mother on an A4 paper and put it on the table. That’s how my dad shows his support to what I’m doing, he would print out my design work or photograph of me receiving a prize on an A4 paper and put on the table. Don’t know why but I find it very funny.

My impression of my dad is always fierce and serious, people are mostly afraid of him. In that photograph, I could see the gentle side of him. 我用相機拍下了爸爸溫和的笑容 :)


Bunny 6 (Jackrabbit) done with university

Bunny 6 (Jackrabbit) done with university

This drawing is a very back-dated one. I got back to drawing sunflowers again in november 2012. Now that Bunny has stepped into the real world of society, she is going to start a new blog, taking a break from her daily news journalist job. She featured my drawings and this blog on her blog and now it got me back to start posting on this blog again *blowing the dust off this blog*

Down with burning throats


Haven’t been falling sick for so frequent every since I started moving out from home to study. It’s either I’m not taking good care of myself enough or my body just miss home so much.. 

Ppl that are sick too… get well soon. :)

I am back!

ImageHello summer ! Me, the sunflowster (i dont know what exactly I am .. i guess I should be called that way). Anyways.. Here I am with my new short hair and tanned face :D

Let’s hope that I’ll be around for awhile.

*1000 Photos counting up


After my hectic semester 1, I went up to the mountain where my good friend, Jaqueline stays, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It’s her last semester here and she wanted to record some memories on film. So we went around the university and snap photos!


That’s me. Feels so korean drama right?
Taken by Jaq haha!


I just love red leaves ~


Jaq and I ! She’s now doing exchange in the Netherlands. I miss you !!!


Film, Kodak EliteChrome Color Slides. The colors on film looks awesome under the sunlight but not after scanned to the computer ..